This was our brand’s primary offering when we started in 1981. We were beautifying more than 100 offices at a business district in South Bombay. During those days, the flower arrangements were required in their offices 3 times a week. Now the quality & shelf-life of flowers has improved by leaps & bounds, hence once a week supply is often sufficient!

Flowers are delivered to your doorstep once a week. With the aid of our tutorials, you can create your own floral arrangement in a vase! Commercial districts and residential spaces alike, are getting fresh, affordable and unusual blooms week after week when you subscribe to our ever-popular offering!

Come, join the club, our flowers are waiting to say hello to you!


200+ variety of flowers

Free flower food sachet

DIY video tutorials

Vases at a discount

Farms across India

Vocal for Local

How It Works

Select your plan

3 convenient plans with 3 frequency options.

Sourcing from farms across India

Your flowers will be sourced & delivered farm-fresh.

Free DIY Tutorials

Learn how to arrange the flowers in your vase.

Common Queries

You can select from our 3 plans and subscribe for either a monthly, quarterly or annual frequency. Flowers will be delivered to your doorstep on Fridays only.

Presently our subscription service is available only in Mumbai, i.e. Cuffe Parade to Andheri. An additional delivery charge of will be applicable for deliveries beyond the specified locations.

Our flowers are sourced directly from the farm, further sorted and graded, ready to be placed in your vase and delivered with utmost care directly to your doorstep.Additionally, you will have access to our tutorial videos that show you how to arrange the flowers beautifully at home. Each bunch arrives with a flower food sachet to ensure a longer shelf life for the flowers.

If you are away from home/office and would like to pause your weekly flowers, send us an email at least 24hours prior to delivery on [email protected] notifying us of the duration you want the service to be on hold.

Currently our subscription deliveries are only on Fridays for homes & Mondays for offices.

While flowers are perishable in nature, and we handle them with utmost love & care, please raise a concern with us from your account or email us within 24 hours of delivery along with a picture and we will replace the damaged flowers in the next cycle of delivery. No questions asked.

Please leave instructions with your building security or neighbour who can collect the bunch in your absence. The flowers will be fully rejuvenated with some basic hydration guidelines, follow our care tips by scanning the QR code you can see on our tag card tied to the bunch or visit https://spreedesigns.com/flower-care-guide/

Send us an email at [email protected] to upgrade or downgrade your plan during your tenure.

Our service is planned keeping in mind the seasonality, fresh harvest and different variety of flowers delivered directly from the farms.

Our value plans do not allow any customization however we specialize in customized solutions. Our floral experts work with you to understand your space and preferences to design your styles.

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