The Promise
At Spree, we create memories through art, design and décor.

After almost 40 years of perfecting the art of floristry under the well-known brand Say It With Flowers/Stemline, we decided to extend the design aesthetic established by floral veteran Neeta Parekh, to a wider space. This is how the vision for SPREE was born. A vision to create memories for a lifetime.

Bringing personal stories to life comes naturally to us. Having worked with some of the illustrious families & largest corporates in the country, we’ve developed a natural penchant towards bringing alive the many emotions that families go through, whether it is planning a gift for someone special or putting together an event. While the final result is always delightful, we’ve found that the journey of putting it all together is equally memorable and special. We at Spree, revel in the creation of something unique and beautiful which is truly a celebration of life.


Floral Gifting

The art of bespoke floral gifting has always been our specialty. We were amongst the few that regularly featured in the most gorgeous homes of Mumbai.

Gift Hampers

There is something truly exciting about having a mysterious basket arrive on your doorstep in time for an occasion or sometimes – just like that!


This was our brand’s primary offering when we started in 1981. We were beautifying more than 100 offices and homes at a business district in South Bombay.

Floral Décor

Let your event reflect you. From large scale weddings to intimate gatherings, from baby showers to birthday parties, life has several reasons to be celebrated.

  • Appreciate SPREE for bringing a huge smile on the face of my lovely wife. It was the occasion of our anniversary and despite it being a weekend SPREE painstakingly made sure the lovely artistic bouquet was delivered. They made sure all the flower arrangements were as per the choice of my wife and I was surprised to see a happy smile on her face. After 12 years of marriage it's not so easy to make your better half smile easily. Thank you SPREE once again.
  • Usually when I work on a wedding invite, I am fretting about a 100 things. For the first time I felt at peace as things were being handled to perfection when I worked with SPREE. They are extremely detail oriented. Usually when large quantities are manually executed, there are chances of errors, but that did not happen with Spree. The execution was flawless and the team is extremely warm and helpful! I definitely look forward to many such collaborations in the future.
  • SPREE To have the decor for each function turn out to look like a dream, to have Sachin make all my wishes come true and to have him add his magic to the most important days of my life is something I shall forever treasure. It was a pleasure to have SPREE plan out my wedding. It was spectacular. They are the best in the business.
  • It’s an absolute delight to work with Team SPREE. Their expertise is their work and professional approach takes the stress off. They are my go to team for any and all works related to flower and floral arrangements. Always an asset to have by your side
  • We will eternally be grateful to The SPREE team for the gorgeous décor at my nephews wedding. The team is incredibly creative, collaborative, supportive, resourceful, responsive, patient and very flexible. We planned this wedding while apart in different locations/time zones and this was never an issue at all. We were presented with the best vendors available and received outstanding service, ensuring we felt no stress at all. We had a beautiful, classic, elegant and fun wedding within our budget. They simply are THE BEST in the business, HANDS DOWN!!! Thank you and we shall definitely be working with them again in the future.
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