The onset of the rains has varying degrees of emotion for all of us! Some of us see it as a relief from the torrid, long and tiring summer, and then again some of us are cursing the BMC for the pothole-ridden roads! The farmer tilling his land is grateful to the weather gods, so he can be assured of a healthy harvest, but not too much rain he prays. While children are thrilled when their school announces an unscheduled day off owing to the ferocity of the Mumbai rains! And then, of course, there is the matter of water supply to the city which is seriously affected if the rains haven’t filled our lakes.

Amidst these diverse emotions felt, there is a quaint sentiment that fills my heart! I am reminded of a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson where he says “The Earth laughs in flowers”. I witnessed this transformation when Mumbai saw its first downpour of the season ahead of its scheduled arrival this time. From the untiring sun blazing rays to the clouds finally deciding to cast their spell on the metropolis. This magical respite from nature leaves a sense of all-pervading calm within my heart. I stand by my balcony mesmerised by the sight; as much by the rhythm of the falling rain! Nature never ceases to amaze me, in fact, just fills my heart with utmost gratitude. For letting me be a spectator to its benevolence.

Within a few days of incessant showers, the flora-n-fauna around us change colour and form. This can be the plant potted in your backyard or the hills skirting the city, we are witness to nature transforming the city in front of us! What a surreal feeling; to take in this beauteous surrounding. No wonder, this scenery tempts us to stay in bed, staring out the window with a ginger laced cup of steaming chai. Some of us take the opportunity of driving into the hills, appreciating natures charm along the way. Those who live closer to the sea, derive joy watching the frenzied waves lashing the shore ferociously, almost reaching out to take over the mainland!

But, I am straying from the subject of this blog! Enough romanticising over my favourite months of the year; it almost made me forget the title of this piece “no rain – no flowers”!

For a floral designer, our chief ingredient is, but of course- flowers! What an absolutely delightful raw material to work with. The many shapes, the myriad colours, the sweet fragrance, they are already gorgeous, to begin with! Then we use our creative expression to fashion their magnificence into works of art. Our job is complete when we garner a smile

We couldn’t have any of the above if it weren’t for the rains! And can you imagine what a colourless and spiritless world that would be? I, for one, don’t want to dwell upon it any longer surely. But suffice it to say that the period prior to the onset of the monsoon, is the hardest for our flowers. They brave the summer to keep us in business! Within 2 weeks of the rains hitting the farmland, the quality of the produce multiplies manifold. As does our smile.

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