This is my mother and the founder of Stemline.

Nature lover, art aficionado, effervescent personality, loving mother/wife, social butterfly….well the list is long. This was Neeta Parekh or Neetaben, as she was fondly called by those who swore by her floral designs!

I have often been amazed by the aura of a writer who can weave a story in a manner that has the power to influence us, make us laugh or for that matter even inspire us! Today, I begin to write a blog for Stemline Floral Design. Let me be honest enough to admit, that I am no writer and my only desire is to reach out to you, on behalf of Stemline, and allow me to share some of the knowledge acquired in the floral world over the last 24 years.

The subject of this article is “mother” and this is bringing back a memory from school. When we were in 7th Grade, our English teacher, the slight Mrs. Rao walked into class and just wrote 2 words on the blackboard “My Mother”. “This is the topic of today’s essay”, she said. And she then proceeded to mesmerize the class by sharing anecdotes of her own mother (it may as well have been any of ours). She held our attention for almost 1.5 hours, goading us to speak about instances which made us realize about the unconditional love & affection of our mother. Whether it was the food she cooked for the family or the way she hid our misdemeanor to escape our father’s wrath. Mrs. Rao was able to shake us out of our reverie such that towards the end of this back-to-back lecture, each student of the class was choked with emotion and let the tears flow freely – each of us realizing how fortunate we were to have a mother who doted on us, loved us irrespective of our faults!

And then, each one of us wrote about “My Mother” – an essay that came directly from the heart; the words poured out like a gushing stream. We just couldn’t stop writing! It was, if I can say, a cathartic experience. Mrs. Rao read all the essays and post grading asked for the top 3 to be read in class. I was bustling with excitement when it was my turn to read. What a thrill – to speak about my mother and her love for me, to the entire 7th grade. Not only did I read to the class, I read it out to my parents as well. This essay continues to remain a treasured memory even after all these years and is safely tucked away in the top shelf of my cupboard. During my annual Diwali cleaning; I look at the file, and take the opportunity to read it for the 100th time!
Sharing this with you, has given me a reason to read it today

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