“Maal abhi tak pahucha nahin hain”!

This is a refrain you may hear at 7:10 am in the studio from one of our florists. He needs to complete an urgent order so that it can be sent in the 8 o clock dispatch and stay on track with the beat plan. Simultaneously the phone is already ringing and it’s our regular customer who had forgotten his wedding anniversary and wants to send 500 red roses to his wife right away! This is in spite of our Sales Coordinator team sending him a reminder mail as per his standing instructions. “I missed reading the mail” he says! Another phone rings and it is one of our delivery team members. “Madam… aaj kaam pe nahin aa sakta – meri tabiyat thik nahin hain”.

It has only been 20 minutes since the studio opened and the mayhem has already begun! This exhilarating journey originated in a 36 sq.ft. shop way back in 1995. It has been quite a journey over these 23 years for Stemline. What started off as a small flower shop (we were then known as “Say It With Flowers”), mainly for hand-held bouquets and floral arrangements slowly morphed to “Stemline Floral Design” functioning from a 2000 sq.ft. studio, managing floral gifting, subscription and events décor. Flashback over!

Back to the studio…

“Ping!” I check my phone and it’s Ms. SA, “Ms. ED delivered a baby girl last night!! Isn’t that awesome??!!! Sachin – please send her a beautiful bunch of flowers right away!! And if you could add a few soft toys please.” I have barely finished reading her message and the phone pings 3 times in succession. Yes – they all want to send their good wishes to Ms. ED

Within 2 hours, the studio is flourishing with all shades of pink blooms – peonies, calla lilies, roses and Ms. ED’s favourite hydrangea! It’s looking like a pink heaven has descended to greet us today. Soon we will use an assortment of these beauties to send to Ms. ED, who not only happens to be a famous movie star but also a Stemline loyalist! The team is swamped with orders and the day continues to be busy.

It happens to be a Wednesday today; “florist review meeting” day! We gather post lunch, to drive the sleepiness away and more importantly to inspire each other. Today, we are exploring multiple ways to use a new variety of foliage that has just arrived fresh from Ooty. This is so beautiful, that we want to create an arrangement just with greens! Yes you read that right, no flowers – only foliage.

“Will anyone be interested in just seeing a vase filled with foliage”, we wonder aloud?!! Our newfound love for Instagram allows us the freedom to experiment with new ideas and invite feedback as well. So right then, we begin to sift through the buckets in an attempt to select the most unusual leaves from today’s arrivals. An urn from our new arrivals is chosen for this creation.

In the meanwhile – Aditi, who leads our design role, makes a few outline sketches and we start to visualise the shape and size of the arrangement. The 3rd one gets selected by all of us! It takes just under 30 minutes for us to fashion this design, and we are thrilled with the result.

“Where is Boris?” I holler. Our head of production has a way with the camera as well!

The perfect shot is always elusive. This one takes us another 45 minutes before we are all in agreement. But the story is still incomplete since the post requires original content along with the image! I struggle for about 15 minutes scribbling away in my notebook when I hear – “Aditi please suggest”, that’s Nisha, our head of operations who clearly doesn’t trust my content writing skills at all. So I meekly retreat into my office while Aditi’s flair for creative writing takes over. And yes, she does come up with a winner! Like always

Now the post is up – it is time for you good folks to tell me what you think of yet another creation from the Stemline team!

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